ISLEBERG TECHNOLOGY aims in providing IT based technology services, solutions and outsourcing to the clients from wide array of industries in domestic as well as overseas market. It is established with the motive of serving the communit y of developing regions of North East India through IT based technology services and solutions, and also with entering in the market of domestic as well as overseas. With increasing demand for IT based services in the developing regions of North East as well as in domestic and overseas market the object ive is to supply complete range of IT services from developing software product to business process planning etc. to various industry domains and to be a strategic alliance as a technology service provider. The company consists of skilled professionals who have expertise on variet y of tools and platform.

ISLEBERG TECHNOLOGY not only aims at involving in the manufacturing and retailing sector etc. It also involves in serving the education, health, agriculture and service sector by its user friendly, full featured, economical IT product.

In ISLEBERG TECHNOLOGY we take pride in on time delivery and ability to meet quick turnaround requests while exceeding customer qualit y demands. Customer Gratification continues to be of utmost importance, as do qualit y, innovation, technology enhancement, process improvement and customer orientation. We have developed our core competence and aligning objectives at all levels so as to realize synergy in operations. It is our collaborative approach, creative input, and emphasis on economical solutions that allowing us to increase an impressive and diverse client list.


ISLEBERG TECHNOLOGY PVT LTD imparts professional training on various Information Technology related issues like PHP, CAD (2D & 3D), Solid Edge etc. We teach from very basic to advanced and expert level training for professionals.

We maintain very high standards in our Training. The courses are developed keeping in mind the Industry trends and requirements, Our course curriculum are constantly updated to adapt new innovations and implement the constantly changing Technology concepts. Each program is planned, designed and implemented by an in-house team of experts with a commitment to offer effective, comprehensive, practical and career oriented training.

We are associated with various Engineering & Management Institutes (affiliated to WBUT and AICTE) in West Bengal and other States, looking after students training & development to help them to become successful in campus selection.

Areas of Vocational Training